The Shore 101

The Shore 101 is the first step within our Submerge growth track program. This introductory class is for the new members within our Oasis church family.  Each participant will have a change to learn more about the vision, mission, organization, and mandate giving to our church from the Lord.  The Shore 101 is also a great way to receive additional information about how to partner with Oasis.. This class will be offered several times throughout the year.

The Tide 201

The Tide 201 is designed to allow each member of The Oasis family a chance to go deeper in their walk with the Lord. In this class, participants will learn how to explore their faith and grow in their knowledge of the Lord.  The course will focus primarily on the essential habits of the Christian walk such as praying, reading the Word, giving, fasting, the Holy Spirit, baptism.  At the conclusion of the class, each member will be given an opportunity to join a small group within the church.  Growing in community and doing life together is one of the key foundation principles at Oasis.

The Surf 301

For those members of Oasis that are ready to soar, The Surf 301 is the class for you!  This class will seek to help you discover your place in the Body of Christ.  At The Surf, each participant will be awakened to the important details concerning their personality, spiritual gifts, and natural abilities.  This discovery will help each member of the church serve the Lord more passionately than ever before.

The Dive 401

The Dive 401 is the final class in our Submerge growth track program. In this class each member will be encouraged to “dive in” and find the right ministry that will allow them to serve others with love and humility. Upon completion of this class the participants will be given a parade of our existing ministries that will allow them to make an impact within the life of the church. At The Dive, each member will discover how to serve a vision greater than themselves along with joy of knowing that every join supplies.
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