Children’s Church

At The Oasis, we believe in building strong families.  So, we invite our kids to worship with their families for the first part of the service.  After the Love Feast, our kids are dismissed to The Stream (Children’s church).  To ensure the safety of our children, they are each given a security badge when they check in.

Immediately after the service, please make sure to bring your tag with you so that we can make sure that your child is safely given back to you.


At The Oasis, we believe that we were created to worship Him.  From exuberant praise to quiet intimacy, we openly express our love to the Lord. We incorporate various musical instruments in our praise to the Father as well as blending worship choruses with traditional hymns.  We look forward to you coming and making a joyful noise with us.

The Message

We believe that it’s important to preach the entire Word of God.  Each message will inspire you to grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord.  The Scripture-based messages will, at times, encourage, correct, and instruct you, and even admonish you to seek to develop into a loving disciple of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

What Should I Wear?

So, what should you wear?  At the Oasis we want you to be comfortable.  For some, that means wearing their Sunday best.   For others, it means jeans and a Tee-shirt.  So, dress in the way that suits you best.  We are just glad to have you.